Parties includes the art workshop, all art materials and finished masterpieces to take home to display in your own home art gallery. Choose one of the following themes or suggest your own! Almost anything is possible!

ART on Canvas
Party Package 1

Fee $18 per person
Duration 2 hours

  • 8-12 participants
  • decorations included
  • the participant will have a step-by-step guided watercolour class in which they will work on canvas and finish a beautiful landscape to take home

ART on Clay
Party Package 2

Fee $20 per person
Duration 2 hours

  • 6-8 participants
  • decorations included
  • the participants will have a step-by-step guided clay class in which the will hand build and use the Potter Wheel to create 2 pieces of art. The pieces will be fire (baked)  and  returned to the attendees 10 days after the party. If the attendee wants to glaze their work they can book an appointment FREE OF CHARGE!

Fashion Photo Shoot Birthday Party
Party Package 3

Fee $13 per child
Duration 2 hours

  • 7-12 children
  • decorations and PROPS included!
  • especially designed for “little div@s” to have fun dressing up with all kinds of costumes.
  • the professional quality photos will be sent via email to the party host/ess to distribute to the rest of the party.


Party package 4

Enjoy a great time with your best friends or co-workers!

Learn how to make professional SELFIES (self portraits). With a 2 hour step-by-step guided workshop you and your friends will understand the basics of light, backdrop and camera use (I have the professional camera, you can bring your smart phone as well). We will email you your photos in high definition quality.

We offer to our participants a glass of wine red or white, snacks, music and lots of fun!

To book a party we need:

-6 participants minimum +19
-50% deposit, no refundable.

Cost of the workshop: $35 per person all included.